Become an Affiliate

What is an Affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who places links from their own website or blog to our website, and sends us traffic to our homepage or specific products within our website.

Why Become an Affiliate?
Because you can earn money! For every customer you send us who makes a valid and confirmed purchase, we will pay you a percentage of the value of that sale (currently 5%). This will be credited to your account and paid to you at the end of each quarter via Paypal (you must have a Paypal account).

Signing Up
Signing up is quick and simple. All you have to do is to register as a customer on our site, and within your account area you will find a link to sign up as an affiliate. You do not have to commit to anything, and you can cancel your account any time you wish.

Can Anyone Join?
You will need to be approved as an affiliate before you can begin earning commission. When you register, you will need to send us a link to the website or blog that you will be sending us traffic from. We will not accept you as an affiliate if your website is of poor quality or appears to be involved in any illegal activity, or features any subject that Personalised Occasions would not want to be associated with. If you wish to be considered as an affiliate, please ensure you read our Terms & Conditions before signing up.

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